“I can’t say enough good things about this place! When you walk in, the receptionist greets you warmly and quickly gets you checked in. Overall, the staff was very friendly and very efficient at their job! I got my x-ray and was sent over to Dr. Peter Huang for my exam in a matter of minutes! Both Dr. Huang and Dr. Chen are extremely gentle when servicing my cleaning, which is something I really look for in a quality dentist. I have already scheduled my next appointment and look forward to seeing them again in 3 months. Highly recommended!”

– Joe K.

“Like most people I dread going to the dentist and this place has changed everything! I’ve been checking out different dental offices for a new dentist now that I finally have insurance. Making an appointment was easy and the whole new patient process was so easy and not confusing at all. One thing that I noticed is that the office is really clean and everyone is so professional. I had my appointment with Dr. Benson for a cleaning. He was so patient answering all of my questions and going over my x-rays. He really had this calming aurora about him that makes the whole dentist experience not as scary! You can just tell that Dr. Benson is a really genuine person and is making recommendations as if he were the patient. I came in because I wanted to get a second opinion, this other office wanted me to do some laser therapy thing that was going to cost a lot. Dr. Benson gave me the real deal and I never once felt like I was getting sold something that I didn’t really need. He was honest about my cavities and work needed to be done. I felt really comfortable asking all of my questions and knowing that I was getting an honest answer-something that is really rare these days! For the first time I’m not dreading going back to the dentist! I think I may have found the one. Thank you Dr. Benson and staff at Smile Connection!!”

– Diana W.

“Dr. Benson and Dr. Peter are very caring, attentive, professional and knowledgeable dentists! The facility is very professional, modern and clean and the staff is very friendly. I was so nervous about getting a deep cleaning at first because it requires anesthesia, however, it turned out to be a very pleasant experience thanks to Dr. Benson’s great technique of injection. I really felt minimal discomfort! Dr. Benson is a very genuine person who really cares for his patient’s wellness. He would constantly check on a patient’s status and asked if there’s any pain or discomfort. Really appreciate it!”

– Judy W.